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Our Program



A primary goal shared by both the educational and clinical staff is to increase our students’ sense of competency. As our students engage in academic work and build relationships with staff, each day brings new opportunities for experiences of accomplishment and belonging. In addition to building core academic skills, students participate in experiential learning opportunities to further enhance understanding of content and to make real world connections. Each student participates in weekly social work meetings providing opportunities to address a variety of social-emotional issues; this work then extends to the therapeutic classrooms where students are able to receive support and practice skills related to social-emotional goals.    

In order to meet the complex learning needs of our students and to create therapeutic classroom milieus, our educational staff receives extensive training and support in understanding students with emotional challenges.  Our clinical staff provides formal supervision, consultation, workshops and trainings to ensure that our educational staff is able to create a challenging academic environment that is also sensitive to the emotional needs of our students.

Our greatest joy is to see students become actively

engaged in their learning, develop greater

self- understanding, and make meaningful connections

with others.



For more information contact

Christina Kilgallen, Ph.D., Clinical Director or Amanda Fenimore, Education Director  



At the Collaborative School, the partnership between the teachers and social workers provides the foundation for student growth and learning. The teachers and social workers work closely together to develop clinically-informed educational strategies for each student. Our high staff to student ratio ensures that students receive the support they need to be successful.  In addition, our full time occupational therapist is an integrated part of our classrooms providing sensory interventions, individual and group therapy, as well as milieu consultation.

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