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Experience Class VR

Check out the video!


"Seeing and being able to explore sharks underwater with ClassVR truly made this lesson much more engaging for my students. They were quick to get their thoughts on paper and many students wrote more than they ever had!"

"Students were excited to be given building challenges in Minecraft as game-based learning. They took further pride and ownership of their creations when they were able to bring their work from the digital world into their physical environment and manipulate it using ClassVR."

"Describing something in words or even in a 2D image or video is nothing compared to the actual virtual reality experience provided by ClassVR. Students feel like they're actually there and this cannot be created with anything else I've used in education thus far. Students were talking about this lesson for weeks!"


Better sense of place: Students can learn about a subject by living it. 

Learning experiences at scale: Educators can create virtual labs to cut costs and increase accessibility. 

Learning by doing: Students can learn by performing tasks instead of simply reading.  

Emotional reaction: Educators make memorable experiences for students to increase their retention.

Creative development: Technology such as Tilt Brush increases the opportunity for students to be creative. 

Visual learning: Educators can increase visual learners' comprehension of educational content. 

An Attachment, Trauma & ASD Informed Treatment Setting

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