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You can make a difference in a child's life
---there are many opportunities to support the School's Mission--  Give to the:

Annual Fund- -Gifts allow the Directors to choose specific areas of need within our operational costs, educational costs or to supplement our program to better support our students and families. Your contributions do make a difference.  The contributions help us stay   See more

Library Fund--The Collaborative school seeks funds to support the library as an integral part of our school. The library is used for specialized programming to create our student's excitement about reading, provide instruction and practice in academic research   See more

Scholarship Fund--Established in January of 2008, this fund is used to help students who graduate from the Collaborative School to pursue education beyond high school, including college or technical training. It is our belief that further education will broaden  See more 

Benjamin McLatchie Fund--Gifts to this fund would be used to support students' individual needs.  This Fund was established in May 2010 to honor the memory of Benjamin McLatchie.  Benjamin was the son, of Allison McLatchie, a founding member      See more

Linda Pignataro Training Fund--This fund was established, in 2013, in honor of a long-term and much-loved staff member for her commitment and contribution to the Collaborative School. This fund was established by her family on her 65th birthday.    See more

For more information please contact:

Lauri Marchewka, Executive Director

Happy Students

Thank you for your consideration!

Maine Special Education/Mental Health Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

recognized by the Internal Revenue Code to receive tax deductible contributions. 


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