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MSE/MHC Outreach Services


Outreach Services is a division of the MSE/MHC that provides support to public schools in serving their more complex and challenging students.  The support provided by this program may focus on understanding and responding to the needs of an individual student, a classroom or a system wide effort to become more emotionally and relationally attuned.


Outreach Services is staffed by clinicians and an educational therapist with many years of experience in program evaluation, consultation and training.   This program specializes in working with children and adolescents with of trauma, attachment difficulties, Autism, and other emotional disabilities.


Common issues addressed by the Outreach Team:

  • Support to IEP teams in developing and implementing plans for students with complex emotional histories and presentations

  • Support with home/school collaboration 

  • Staff training in the development of relationally informed schools and classrooms

  • School based day treatment program development and supervision

  • Other needs as determined by school districts


Allison McLatchie, Lead Clinical Educator

John Stewart, PhD., Lead Consulting Psychologist

For more information please contact:

Nicole Dennen, LCSW, Outreach Coordinator  

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