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Lauri Marchewka, Executive Director

Christina Kilgallen, Clinical Director

Amanda Fenimore, Education Director

Nicole Dennen, Training Director

Karen Morrison, Business Manager

Social Workers
Grace Nevins, Primary

Anne Freedman, Primary/Intermediate

Deirdre Rodrigues, Intermediate/Middle School

Kate Melcher, Middle School

Rebecca McCorry, High School

Christine Oberink, High School

Classroom Teachers
Beth Grassi, Primary

Sarah HothamIntermediate

Todd Goewey, High School

Linsey Good, High School

T.J. Grassi, High School

Mary Blenk, High School

Anthony Dominicus, Vocational Coordinator

Matt Stewart, STAT Coordinator 


Angela Wyman, Education Coordinator

Susan Maloney, Literacy Specialist

Allison McLatchie, Educational Therapist

Brian Davis, Occupational Therapist

Kat O'Heir, Speech Therapist

Maureen Mingo, TCI Coordinator

Ryan Croteau, Technology Coordinator

Office Staff
Jen Malloy, Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Katie Maschino, Administrative Assistant
Cindi Olmstead, Administrative Assistant


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