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About The Collaborative School


The Collaborative School was established in September 2000.  In our first year, we leased a well-used school building from the town of Gray.  We had approximately 30 students in grades K-8.  In search for a more permanent home, we toured the Pineland grounds at the very beginning of the revitalization of the campus.  The school became the first tenants on the campus the following year.  In September 2003, the school expanded to serve K-12 for approximately 48 students.

The Collaborative School is housed within a beautifully restored building on Pineland Campus in New Gloucester. This setting, approximately 20 minutes from both Portland and Lewiston/Auburn areas, affords students a remarkable range of recreational opportunities such as sledding, ice skating, tennis, hiking, bowling, swimming, volleyball, basketball and access to the fitness center at the YMCA on campus.


The Collaborative School serves children from a relatively wide radius limited only by the individual student's needs and ability to tolerate travel time. Currently, students are served from distances up to 60 miles.

Fun in the outdoors
PE at the YMCA


Students are generally of average to above average intellectual ability, yet have been identified as eligible for special education services due to emotional and related disabilities.  Children appropriate for referral have one or more of the following complex issues: attachment, trauma, autism, ADHD, and/or mood, thought, or anxiety disorders.  

Primary Classroom In Action


Returning students to their sending district is a fundamental goal when the student is ready.  It is always the aim of our program to help our students and families find what they need to heal and to return and thrive in a more typical school setting.

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