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The Collaborative School welcomes opportunities to share our program with prospective public school administrators and families. We love talking about our school and the ways in which we support students in need of day treatment-based educational and clinical services.  ​Referrals are initiated by public schools through the Individual Education Plan Team process.  Once the IEP team determines the need for day treatment services at a special purpose private school, the special education administrator contacts us to begin the referral process.  This includes paperwork submission, an interview with the child and family, and a placement IEP Team meeting.  Once accepted, students are given a start date or are placed on a waiting list for future admission.​

For admissions inquiries, please contact:

Amanda Fenimore, Education Director

41 Pineland Drive, Suite 200
New Gloucester 4260
Fax: (207) 688-4561

An Attachment, Trauma & ASD Informed Treatment Setting

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