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Training Opportunities

The Collaborative School is committed to fostering an environment of lifelong learning. We believe that our organization is at its best when we give staff time to explore new and creative ways of teaching and supporting our students.

Training Opportunities for BHPs

We recognize that BHPs are our front-line staff, spending 6 hours a day with our students. Our program provides training and ongoing supervision for staff members in this position. Such training includes: see more

Training Opportunities for Teachers

Teachers at the Collaborative school receive training and support in both academic instruction and strategies to support the emotional needs of their students. Under the guidance of the Education Director and Literary Coordinator, teachers participate in Professional Learning Community (PLC) which focuses on targeted educational goals. From that group, additional training is delivered by the Literary Coordinator based on identified needs. Additional training opportunities for teachers include: see more

Training Opportunites for Social Workers

In addition to weekly supervision with seasoned clinicians, social workers receive training in a variety of evidenced-based therapeutic modalities aligned with our Trauma/Attachment-based approach to care. Such training includes: see more

An Attachment, Trauma & ASD Informed Treatment Setting

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