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John Stewart, PhD
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The Maine Special Education/Mental Health Collaborative, better known as The Collaborative School, was founded by Lauri Marchewka, LCSW, and John Stewart, Ph. D., in 1999.  Their vision extended beyond a single school district where their partnership began eight years prior - in a local school district providing day treatment services for its students.












The Collaborative School

The Collaborative School opened its doors for the 2000-2001 school year by leasing a school building from MSAD #15. The following year the school moved to a newly renovated building on the old Pineland campus – the school’s current location.  Interestingly, the school was the first tenant on the renovated campus and during that first year was surrounded by work crews, heavy equipment and a fence around its borders.


The Collaborative School is a nonprofit, private, special purpose school serving students, families and sending school districts through innovative and well-coordinated educational, clinical and consultation services. This unique partnering between teachers and social workers creates an environment where students actively engage in their learning, develop greater self-understanding, and make meaningful connections.

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