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Board Members

Board Mission

The Maine Special Education/Mental Health Collaborative has as its mission the provision of assistance to young people, their families, and schools in effectively identifying and addressing psycho-social, emotional, and developmental needs. To this end, the agency provides clinical and educational services including milieu-based psycho-educational day treatment; individual, group, and family therapy; academic instruction; psychiatric care; staff training; and school-based consultation and program development.

Voting Members

 Lisa Doughty, Community Member

 Melissa Hodgkin, Community Member

 Joy Hayes, Community Member

 Deb Alden, Superintendent of Schools, RSU 10

 Jane Morse, Retired Director of Special Services, MSAD 17

 Susan Prince, Former Special Education Director, Wiscasset and Student Services Site Coordinator, RSU 14

 Bruce Chemelski, Ph.D., Psychologist

 Peter Wolinsky, Ph.D., Psychologist, Vice President

 Cynthia Sortwell, M.D., Psychiatrist, Board President

Non-Voting Members

 Lauri Marchewka, L.C.S.W., Executive Director

 Christina Kilgallen, Ph.D., Clinical Director

 Amanda Fenimore, M.S., C.A.S, Education Director

 Tabitha Swanson, C.P.A., Treasurer

 Jennifer Malloy, Secretary

An Attachment, Trauma & ASD Informed Treatment Setting

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