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Educational Services

Intensive Literacy Support

For students requiring intensive literacy support, the Collaborative offers the services of a full-time literacy specialist for consultation, classroom group instruction, and/or individual reading strategies.  Our literacy specialists design group and individual intervention programs for students who require this level of specially designed reading and writing instruction.


The Collaborative School offers both occupational therapy and speech/language-related services.  Our full-time occupational therapist provides direct therapy and consultation to students as deemed necessary by the IEP team.  Many of our students benefit from instruction in using sensory strategies and work on strength, balance, and coordination.  Occupational therapy is a useful complement to our therapeutic environment, providing an additional tool in support of emotional regulation.

Occupational Therapy & Speech/Language


Some students require speech/language therapy as part of their educational programming.  In addition to skill development in articulation and receptive and expressive language, much of our language work focuses on social communication.  Speech and language services are delivered individually, in groups, and through consultation with classroom teams.

An Attachment, Trauma & ASD Informed Treatment Setting

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