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“There are many, many people at the Collaborative School who have impacted my life and have shaped me to be who I am and they never gave up on me no matter what.  And we have our own inside jokes and nicknames and even tho I’d never admit it at the time but my favorite nickname I had was Porcupine and it always made me smile even if I was in the worse mood ever and to my teachers and my school I appreciate everything they have done for me and that they have supported me thru everything.  They made me feel like I was a part of a family and that’s what was so important to me.  Thank you all for everything it’s because of you guys that I can confidently go thru life and be the best person, mom, and wife I can be.  Thank you for never once giving up on me I love all of you guys.”​

- Anonymous

"We have enjoyed having Jacob at the Collaborative school. They have helped him tremendously. If something isn't working they keep changing things and trying to figure out what's best for each child, even if it means thinking out of the box. 

One of the other things I love is the smiles and enjoyment of the staff to be working with our kids. No matter how difficult the day has been and how hard the child might have been they are able to put it aside and just love our kids."

  Melissa and Larry - Parents

"What people should know about The Collaborative School:

The Collaborative School is different from other schools. It is the perfect amount of structure, structured without being too structured. The structure keeps you balanced, you know what to expect. But we still get to be ourselves.  There is always something to be excited about and we always have fun and do lots of laughing together.

The Collaborative is a great place to make friends.  Other kids understand what you are going through because they have been through hard things themselves. They support you when you are having a hard time and they don’t judge.

Because this school goes from kindergarten through 12th grade, students can stay here; they don’t have to keep making changes.  You get to know all of the kids and teachers really well and everyone is connected.


What the Collaborative School means to me:

This is the place I grew up. This school is like a second home to me.  I love the way I connect with people here. The people here understand what it is like when kids go through hard times. They really care about us. They listen. They even listen to me when I am really angry and not saying things the way I mean to.  The people here have helped me realize the potential that I have and have made me believe in myself."

Mariah - Student

“Discovering The Collaborative School was the gift of a lifetime for my family.  After years of struggling in both mainstream and alternative education programs, I was in despair trying to find an “inclusive” school that was highly qualified to meet my child’s emotional needs, without sacrificing the important academic piece of the equation.  


When we first visited the school, I was pleasantly surprised by the bright, organized classroom settings that were filled with expert social workers, Ed Techs, and teachers.  You could just feel the warmth and happy feel of the community environment.  After our visit, my child “bear” hugged me and said, “This is the school for me”.   


Like that first visit, my child and I feel this same positive energy about Collaborative today.    Collaborative has become part of our family - I am so grateful for the return of my child’s smile, laugh, and confidence.   Collaborative has provided my child and my peace of mind, happiness, and an abundant amount of hope for the future.” 

 Kathy - Parent

"Throughout my time at the Collaborative School, STAT has benefited me in many ways.  STAT means Student, Teacher, and Trades and is a business run by students with the support of staff.

I have many responsibilities as a STAT supervisor.


As a supervisor, I make sure all parts of the business are taken care of properly. I take care of my four employees by training them and supporting them as needed.  My role as STAT supervisor has boosted my confidence and motivation and helped me to go from struggling in high school to succeeding."​

Bobby - Student

"Our son experienced trauma in the early years of his life, significantly impacting his ability to stay regulated due to PTSD and attachment. We tried other educational and treatment settings before collaborative school and none met his unique needs. PTSD episodes were often mislabeled as disciplinary issues. As parents, we struggled to make his needs met.


In the first meeting, our son warmed up to the staff immediately. Staff at all levels of the organization understand trauma and he has gotten the support he needs to heal, learn, grow, and make friends. The structure and lessons are delivered with compassion and understanding which has allowed him to develop strong emotional intelligence even during challenging times. The social workers and clinical team have provided us with training, support, and understanding. They have been our partners through the good times and the more challenging times. Today, we see our son experience success in many settings that would have been unobtainable for him without the treatment and education he has received at collaborative school".

Teresa - Parent

An Attachment, Trauma & ASD Informed Treatment Setting

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